We stand behind our products!

All of our leather products come with a lifetime warranty that covers faults in materials and workmanship. For this, it is important that the product is used for the purposes for which it was manufactured and that it has been properly cared for (read here... how to care for leather) as the warranty does not apply due to misuse, neglect, or regular wear and tear.
Color Disclaimer: Please note that the color of the products displayed on our website may vary depending on the device you are using. Factors such as the monitor's display settings, screen resolution, and lighting conditions can affect how the colors appear. We make every effort to ensure that the colors are accurately represented, but we cannot guarantee exact color matching due to these variables. If you have any concerns about the color accuracy, please contact us for further assistance.
# Included Warranty
  1. Manufacturing defects (Full-grain leather is expected to present variations in color, elasticity, smoothness, fat lines, and scars, and it will develop patina - read here... about leather characteristics.
  2. Loose seams, or loss of binding (final seam)
  3. Metals that arrive defective or malfunctioning (must be notified within 7 days of receipt)
# not part of the warranty
  1. Leather damage as a result of negligence, improper use, or normal wear and tear- read here about leather regular wear and tear.
  2. Hardware is under warranty if it arrives at your home with a manufacturing defect or malfunction and we have received notification within 7 days of receipt. In other cases, metals are not part of the warranty, as it depends on the use.
  3. Seams that are damaged, even if accidental, by a knife or scissors or any other sharp object that damages the seam.
  4. Products with defects resulting from misuse will not be exchanged or repaired.
  5. Items destroyed by accident, such as if placed in the washing machine and dryer, or eaten by a dog (Trust me, your dog might enjoy chewing on a delicious piece of leather 


The product will be exchanged or the customer will be refunded if it was delivered with malfunctions, faults or if we sent the wrong product.

A refund will be suggested if Fearless Leather Goods doesn't have the same product or the parts to make a new product, since some specific leathers have limited supply or can take weeks to be delivered. 

Belts made with custom measurements will not be exchanged or refunded in case of measurement error by the customer.


All products are made to order so we ask between 3 days to 2 weeks for the product to be shipped.


Delivery fees are the responsibility of the buyer. However, in the event of an error on our part, the return fee will be refunded and the new delivery fee will be our responsibility. 

The exchange, repair, or refund of the product will be confirmed upon receipt of the return and complete inspection of the product.